Employed in combination

In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, the incorporation of heating plates with heat pipes into our production line represents a substantial leap in technological innovation.

This integration optimizes the molding process, ensuring not only efficient compound distribution but also consistent temperature maintenance and uniformity across the entire surface.

The manifold benefits encompass substantial energy savings, expedited mold heating times, heightened productivity, and an elevated standard of quality and uniformity in the final molded product. The superior efficiency of our heating plates, achieved by seamlessly blending electric resistances with strategically positioned heat pipes on purpose-designed grids, ensures optimal coverage of the complete printing surface.

The heat pipe, a core component, functions as a thermally conductive copper cylinder containing a fluid that facilitates temperature equalization through the processes of evaporation and condensation.

The main reason for the efficiency of heat pipes depends on the evaporation and condensation of the contained liquid, which requires or releases much more energy than is required for the simple temperature change.

Almost all the energy is quickly transferred to the cold end when the fluid condenses there, creating a very efficient heat transfer system with no moving mechanical parts.

The motion of the vapour molecules is approximately that of the speed of sound and, in the absence of other gases, this is the limiting speed of heat transfer in the heat pipe

Externally, the heating plates are enveloped in cellular insulation, a material with intrinsic thermal properties that significantly enhances thermal insulation, thereby minimizing heat dispersion.

Last but not least, the heating plates are equipped with three temperature control zones, affording precise monitoring of temperature variations and enabling targeted interventions in specific areas when necessary. This comprehensive approach underscores our commitment to advancing manufacturing processes, delivering superior performance, and achieving unparalleled efficiency in the field of molding technology.

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