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Bonardi Stampi contacts, production of rubber molds;

The production of moulds for rubber gaskets is a speciality of Bonardi Stampi , a company that stands out for its 'artisan' approach, which allows it to offer tailor-made services for its customers. Our commitment is to work closely with customers at every stage of the production process, creating tailor-made products that precisely meet their needs and expectations.

Over the years, Bonardi Stampi has always placed great importance on technological innovation, making targeted investments that allow us to maintain a fleet of machines that is always state-of-the-art and efficient. This allows us to guarantee high quality standards and to be competitive on the market.

The company's strength lies in our cohesive team of experienced employees and young, enterprising talents. This combination of experience and innovation allows us to offer our customers a complete service in the world of rubber gasket moulds.

Our assistance starts from the quotation phase, where we work together with the customer to fully understand their needs. We continue with project development, using our technical knowledge to provide tailor-made solutions. During processing, we use high-performance machinery to ensure maximum precision and quality. In addition, we offer continuous support during the production phase, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Our dedication does not stop at production, as we also offer routine maintenance services and are ready to make modifications to the finished product according to customer requirements.

The strength of the company lies in a cohesive team, comprised of experienced collaborators and enterprising young talents, capable of providing customers with a comprehensive service in the world of molds.

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